About D. Bailey

An entertainment agency that is all about promoting live music and bringing it to the forefront of today's entertainment scene. Our agents are experienced in all areas of the music business.

Talent Booking

Event Planning The booking and placement of entertainment is a specialized field that is best handled by individuals with an extensive knowledge of the music industry. Agents that know what it takes from start to finish. There is no substitute for experience! The agents at DBM, with their many years of hands on experience can provide you, the client with the finest service and entertainment available. We do however stress that high quality comes with a price and the old saying “You Get What You Pay For” is so true in the music industry. Quality does come with a price, but our agents with their extensive knowledge of the industry will do everything possible to assist you the client with the best possible product to fit within your budget. Whether it’s Local, Regional, or National Talent, put your trust in our experience. DBM will deliver!

Today’s customers and clients have many options. VH1, MTV, Digital Video and Audio on call, 24 hours a day. People can see the world’s best performers singing, dancing, entertaining on stage right at their fingertips! Is a Low Budget Band, a Single Act, a Duo, or a DJ enough to satisfy the clients and guests at your nightclub, party, or corporate event? Back in the early 80’s a few spinning lights and some form of music was all you needed. In today’s market you need more! Today’s consumers want to be entertained. They want a show. If they’re paying a cover charge they almost demand it! If they are attending a corporate or private event they expect it. Having a professional, high energy, slick production act at your event can only help the overall success and satisfaction of your clients and guests. People can eat, drink, and dance at any event, at your event they will be entertained.

Finally, let’s be frank, you didn’t open your club or plan your event as a public service; you did it to make money, or to make an impression on your clients and guests! Using high quality live entertainment isn’t a revolutionary idea, it’s not a new concept: It’s a proven way to get and keep more people in your club and also to help leave your clients and guests with a lasting memory of the great time they had at your party. If it didn’t work there wouldn’t be live bands! You can’t fool the people! If the quality’s there, if the showmanship’s there, if the production’s there, the crowds can’t be far behind!

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