About D. Bailey

An entertainment agency that is all about promoting live music and bringing it to the forefront of today's entertainment scene. Our agents are experienced in all areas of the music business.


Production Gone are the days when a band could roll into a club with a couple of lights, a few speakers, and dress like construction workers. Though some bands still operate this way, it doesn’t make dollars and sense today. Our bands are FULL PRODUCTION acts! With real stage clothing, professional stage lighting and special effects, sound and lighting technicians, state-of-the-art sound equipment, drum risers, stage backdrops and more! Why do our bands spend thousands and thousands of dollars on all this lavish production? Because it makes a huge difference! There is no substitute for quality and our bands deliver!

At D. Bailey Management, we can handle all production services with ease. Sound reinforcement, lighting, or any related services can be handled by our in house technicians. No job is too large or small. Our pricing is competitive, and the quality of the service is unequaled.

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