Artist Management

Complete artist management services are available for the up and coming artist or the established veteran of the circuit. On hands supervision and guidance of an artist’s career is of the utmost importance to us. Our many years of experience can speak for itself in understanding the “ins and outs” of today’s music industry. There is no substitute or compromise for experience, and with over 25 years in the industry, we can provide the leadership and advice necessary and essential for the success of your career.

At DBM we believe that a management staff that has a complete knowledge and understanding of the music business through experience best handles the management of an artist’s career. You would not go to your CPA for legal advice! This same theory carries into the business of music, although many people for some reason do not look at it that way. As an Artist, I’m sure you want someone to advise and guide you in your career, as any great manager would do. How could you expect someone to advise you when they have no hands on knowledge of what it is that you do, and what it takes to improve on what you do as a performer, vocalist, or musician. We at DBM believe in teamwork and qualifications to attain success!

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