DBM’s Most Listened to Albums in 2014

We asked some of our favorite people to pick out the albums that they listened to the most this year and give us a little reason as to why! See what favorites you have in common and maybe discover some new ones!

Dennis Bailey – Circa 1975
Retro Dennis

Agency President & Owner by day, Funkster, Jazzmeister, and Muscle car enthusiast by night.  Also previously addicted to perms. You know, it was the 70’s.

There are so many favorite albums / songs for me, this was a very tough decision. Here is what comes to mind:

1. Gratitude (Live) – Earth, Wind, & Fire My favorite album of all time. Whenever I need a musical spark, I listen to this because of the raw energy of this recording.

2. Unorthodox Jukebox – Bruno Mars My favorite new artist because of the old school influences with his horn band and show.  His new release with Mark Ronson “Uptown Funk” makes me believe there is still a market for great feel good music with a funky groove.

3. The Brecker Brothers Band – The Brecker Brothers One of my all time jazz-fusion favorites when I need to hear something special. In my opinion, the late Michael Brecker was the greatest modern era saxophonist on earth, and listening to him inspires me to this day.

4. The 20 / 20 Experience – 1 & 2 – Justin Timberlake Like listening to him because he has created a real identity for himself. His music is new and fresh but still has that real band quality from years ago.

5. Soul Vaccination (Live) – Tower of Power Another musical inspiration in my life that I always revert to for that special energy that comes along with it.

Bonus Pick: Bring Back the Funk – Brian Culbertson Just another one of the albums i listen to occasionally, because I like the material and pocket grooves.

Lisa Altman

Lisa Elvis

D. Bailey Management Agent & Event Manager by day and wannabe Funk, Afro wearing, Gold Sparkle Jumpsuit lead singer with killer dance moves by night. Lisa is also out in the open about her addiction to Spotify and rapping  Salt’ N Peppa!

1. Fancy Footwork & White Women – Chromeo  It’s always the perfect occasion to play some Chromeo. No matter how many times you listen to the songs, they just keep getting better.  Chromeo is the perfect mix of funk and modern day disco bringing out the most killer dance moves. Honestly, I am not one to judge on politics, race, or religion but it’s hard for me not to judge those who can’t enjoy Chromeo.

2. Hozier – Hozier Things I love about Hozier; His voice, beard, lyrics and the intensity of each song.

3. Half the City – St Paul and The Broken Bones I love an album that I can play for my friends, parents, grandparents, or any music lover and you are almost guaranteed they will appreciate the music. I love how the lead singer Paul looks like a banker but belts out the most soulful sound I have heard since James Brown.  He also has killer dance moves and gold sparkly shoes!

4. Down to Earth – Flight Facilities Every song is unique yet they all give off the futuristic dance vibe. They have the ability to take every genre of music, shake it like a salt shaker and then spit it out Flight Facilities style.

5. After the Disco – Broken Bells Love the vibe and unique majestic sounds. Sounds super retro, which I am always a fan of.

Bonus Picks: Alabama Shakes, SOJA, Citizen Cope, Bone Thungs and Harmony, and Amy Winehouse!

Sasha Hausman – DBM Fan and Friend


Hi! I’m Sasha. I am a live music lover, grammar advocate, and a no-pants enthusiast with a serious addiction to diet coke and puppies.

1. White Women – Chromeo These two have a special way of taking an 80’s sound and making it cool again. With great lyrics, a talk-box, and funky riffs, this is by far my favorite album of 2014.

2. Mind Over Matter – Young the Giant The vocals are insane and the music lets you get lost in a trance. They put on a great live performance as well.

3. Built on Glass – Chet Faker I am in love with his unique sound! The album is filled with drum machines, synthesizers and a sexy, soulful sound.

4. Where Does this Door Go? – Mayer Hawthorne This might be cheating because this album dropped in 2013 but it remained in my headphones well into 2014. Mayer’s influences range from soul, funk, doo-wop and Hall & Oates. Every song on this album makes me bop around my room.

5. Turn Blue – The Black Keys These guys keep getting better and better! You can certainly see the Danger Mouse influence in the album. It takes me on a roller coaster of 60’s soul, MidWest sounds and psychedelic rock.  Their live show is top notch.

Bonus Pick: Mandatory Fun – Weird Al Yankovic I am so glad he is back. He is super talented and I will be a forever fan.

Josh Carroll – DBM Artist

josh carroll

Josh believes he was Shrek in another life and is addicted to music and guacamole.

1. Off the Wall – Michael Jackson First of all its off the chain, secondly, it makes me dance no matter what mood I’m in, and thirdly it was when MJ was his coolest truest self.

2. Unorthodox Jukebox – Bruno Mars because Bruno Mars makes me love playing cover music 🙂

3. Anthology: The Best of Marvin Gaye – Marvin Gaye because Marvin Gaye taught me last year how to really feel it when you sing it.

4. All I Want Is You – Miguel because it has fed the creative side of me and the songwriter in me

5. Purpose by Design – Fred Hammond for my heart, my soul, my inspiration, my passion, my purpose.

Shane Tomlinson – DBM Artist and Lead Singer of Frequency Band

1534751_498999853551495_1239186264_o shane as ted

It’s a Shane!

Undiscovered reality T.V star who thinks he was Beyonce in another life and has the moves to prove it. 

1. Love in the Future – John Legend I’m a die hard fan. He can sing Old McDonald and I’d still get my life.

2. ALL OF THEM – Brandy This lady is the vocal bible. Her vocal arrangements and harmonies are absolutely unheard of.

3. Escape – Michael Jackson He’s the king of pop! Duhhhhhhh

4. Beyoncé – Beyoncé Do I really need to explain? (as I do single ladies choreography)

5. Live – Sade Her and her band are killer! Pure Perfection

Bonus Pick: Greatest Hits – Steely Dan I don’t think one day went by and I didn’t listen to “Peg”. I two step around the house cleaning to this song. BEST SONG EVER! I lose absolute control when I hear this song. I’m losing control as I type this!

Willy Colon – DBM Artist and Electric Guitarist for Frequency Band

willy pic

“I usually have the right answer.”

1. The Golden Echo – Kimbra Kimbra is a genius and she doesn’t deserve any thing less than listening to her album at least 100 times.

2. Ghost Stories – Coldplay Love Coldplay going back closer to the basics.

3. All Singles (Mumbai & Gold at the top) – Brika Best new artist hands down!

4. New Eyes – Clean Bandit I’m a fool for catchy house music and cute lyrics.

5. Diamonds – Johnnyswim I got a free ticket to their show and fell in love with them. Amazing music, amazing lyrics and a great story.

Bonus Picks:

Adorn – Miguel Can’t get enough of this track

Everybody Wants to Rule the World – Tears for Fears Best song ever?

Again – John Legend Best John Legend recorded performance

Shevonne – DBM Artist


Creative, free spirit and music lover who wishes everyone would just get along. If Shevonne wasn’t a musician she could see herself as an Astronaut or Pirate. 

1. Born to Die – Lana Del Ray

2. Good Kid, M.A.A.D City – Kendrick Lamar

3. The MisEducation of Lauryn Hill

4. Purple Rain – Prince

5. Making Mirrors – Gotye

I like all of these albums some new to me some old I think every year I listen to purple rain at least once always takes me on that journey. I love Lana and Kendrick, both great artists. Gotye is amazingly talented from his music to his music videos the MisEducation album is another album I listen to once a year.

I mean, if we are being honest I listened to a lot of singles, not albums. I guess that’s just where music is going these days. If you asked me what were my top 10 Songs of 2014  I would have a better list…

With that being said these were my favorite albums of 2014.

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