Connor Zwetsch

A simply unique and free-spirited guitarist/vocalist

Florida-bred in true 90s form, Connor Zwetsch was raised on the warm singer/songwriter anthems and pop mania that colored the era. It was in these formative years, in artists such as Matchbox 20 and New Radicals, that Connor first found a sense of belonging. Nowadays, Connor’s unique niche as a solo artist is defined by a sound laced with nostalgia and shaped by a back-porch songwriter’s honesty with a penchant for catchy, upbeat melodies.

She emanates a contagious kind of comfort on stage, letting audiences sit back and sink into her warm, sultry vibes. Her music is the coziness of empathy met with bare honesty and confessional lyrics; a view of ventured mountains seen from a back porch rocking chair. She invites her listeners to join in, stand up, sing along, and scream aloud.